How To Get More Clients – 78% More Engagement On All Content

Hi everyone,  this is Charles – CEO

World Class Media and I wanted to give you something very cool today and this is how to get up to seventy eight percent more traffic revenue and engagement on every piece of content that you write this works on Facebook …

Ads this works on landing pages sales pages and let me just show you one of my clients currently his book that I am promoting is actually number one in over five countries and you can see in over you know five different Amazon’s dot u K dot dot com obviously amazon com and he’s also number one in over five categories so he’s number one in five countries and five categories and its really kicking butt this is the first thing you should understand you

know about the landing page that we created that we create for him and every piece of content that we create for him he actually had as highest every month this last month and you know regularly does over 100k a month in online sales

so it’s very valuable and it’s helped us out tremendously and I think you can help you out tremendously so enjoy hello everyone this is Charles bear hof CEO world-class media and this is how to get seventy eight percent more traffic

revenue and conversions from all types of content let’s get started let’s start with a meet and greet to start off so those of you who know me those who don’t i’m a google bing certified search specialist i was also a lead architect

on sites that have over 12 million visits per month I’ve worked on huge web sites previously I was a digital marketing consultant for Madison Avenue type clients like pimco with Campbell Ewald who has clients like Cadillac

Kaiser Permanente AT&T etc I’ve also worked with smaller attorney sites I’ve taken sites from scratch to you know to 30,000 visits per month in under three months time so I’ve done a lot of work and that’s you know pure SEO

work that’s not like paying for the traffic so I’ve worked on small sites and large sites have worked on the whole spectrum I launch world-class media in 2010 since worked on you know mom and pop shops and attorneys and stuff like

that and I’ve really figured out how to take sites from scratch to a ton of visits per month and I’m going to show you a lot of techniques I use in this webinar alright so i’m just a nerd who loves SEO code in search engines a lot

of people asked me to present this information to him a lot of friends have asked me to spill my secrets but I was hesitant because I didn’t know if they could get the same results and I think I’ve kind of outlined that and made it

real easy for people to do and so I’m happy to share this now and enjoy all right so get started I’m a real dude you can reach me at world-class mediacom just look it up online that’s me and my wife and my kids and a very important

part of taking notes and I want to illustrate how many of you write down notes and just end up throwing them away i know i did this for a very long time until I figured out my own best practices for keeping notes and i’m

going to show you that with you today and this is what i’d like you to do if you don’t have a pen right now you should go grab it you can always come back to this and watch it again but what i do is i take a sheet of paper and I

draw a line down the middle and on the left side I write the theory that the really cool stuff that I learned you know this should work right so I take all the stuff I learn right down the left side on the right side I write down

the practical notes right so you know what you do what how you actually perform will go right here on the right hand side and on the left side your usual notes go here but the ideal thing is actually to translate every in

Orton fact into a an action item on the right hand side so the goal is to take massive action so if you don’t have a pen this is how I recommend you do it let’s get started so let’s start with some facts this particular site i was

working on I took up you know I brought it up to 30,000 visits per month and this is the same training that I gave their staff on how to write content and stuff like that i’m going to make it very simple for you and to back up these

statistics PR newswire reports that a study of releases on their wire service this is press releases shows that one adding a photo or an image increases views of the release by fourteen percent I mean they get thousands and thousands

and thousands of press releases constantly they’re huge so you know this is a pretty pretty accurate statistics so adding a photo or an image increases views of the release by fourteen percent to adding a video gives you a twenty

eight percent increase in views three make that an image and a video and you’ll get a forty-eight percent boost in views for go all the way and put in a photo a video a graphic and a download and you’ll see a seventy-eight percent

jump in the number of views I’m going to repeat that again go all the way in your content right and put a photo a video a graphic and a download and you’ll see a seventy-eight percent jump in the number of views now those are pretty cool

statistics now I’m going to show you how to make it even more compelling all right here’s your first writer downer on the left-hand side you can write your headline can increase views up to eighty percent so your headline is the most

important part of capturing the attention of your potential customers and clients and I’ve got a treat for you actually at the end of this video I’m going to give you a link where you can download the top 100 headlines of all

time and you can use these headlines anyway you want you just alter them up slightly as you know their performers they’ve made billions and billions of dollars you just alter them slightly for your own personal needs and pretty

much any product or service that you have or anything you’re writing about can be altered into these types of headlines and it’s just amazing I use it all the time so that’s a treat for you at the end of this webinar and I hope

you enjoy it I’m going to put a link down at the bottom for you so let’s get started one creating a compelling headline this story I’m going to tell you illustrates what I’m talking about so this was an interview of Dan Miller

who is sold 50 to 60,000 copies of his book and this in the interview he talks about the only thing he changed on the book you know a lot of people say don’t judge a book by it’s cover well most people do so here’s how you effectively

change your headline so how did you sell 50 to 60,000 books was it just promoting that’s the 15 million dollar question or the 2 million dollar question really here Dan Miller says I did so little I keep learning now things about affiliate

links and co adventures and all and all I didn’t know any of that really I just made it available but one thing I did that was very advantageous for me I recognize that was the name now the name 48 days to the work you love on that my

material originally was called career transitions then I called it career life transitions 101 to make it sound more like an academic course then it was find the job you love in 30 days and I realized some people didn’t really want

a job jo bhi so I changed that very strategically to work so work open the door to other things now it’s really you want to make it very compelling like if you compare career transitions versus 48 days to the work you love I mean there’s

no comparison 48 days the work you love is very compelling headline so start with something like that you can start with any arbitrary number like like the one I have here you know how to get seventy percent more conversions or you

know how to get seventy percent more revenue and engagement on your content just you want it you want to illustrate the value to your customer right what is it gonna it’s all about them you gotta tune into radio station wwiii FM in

other words what’s in it for me all right writer down or number two add a viral photo I usually put the photo at the top of each of my blog posts and I’ll show you where to get amazing photos

ethically for free right here all right where to get free images so I typically do a google search for Flickr Creative Commons and in Flickr you can get free images in their creative commons which people have to tag their images if they

want to share it you know with anybody if they want to share it with corporations or you know if they want to make it share alike so I’d look for share alike which means you can share it anywhere and you can find amazing photos

by people on there for free so too you can also use google just do a google search and you can drill it down in their menu i’m going to show you an example right here of how to do it the other thing you can do is take

screenshots screenshots are great you can just take a screenshot of a website or something you’re trying to illustrate just screenshot it crop it and paste it into your into your presentation images that you can use legally so I usually

put the catchy image at the top of my blog and you want to get what i call a viral image and it’s the image that catches your attention the most it’s like the image that slaps your customer you know that just wow kind of catches

their attention and it should illustrate what you’re talking about as well it should communicate what you’re trying to say and it should be of the same tone as your customer you know if they’re mad about something it should be something

that shows a mad person you know for example so in addition to making your story irresistible and makes it very shareable in social media too so when somebody clicks to share your post that image shows up on their social media

feed which is super valuable and it increases your clicks tremendously all right so a catchy image can also be found in all major search engines for example you can see image searches at the top of Google on many of their

searches now it doesn’t necessarily drive traffic to your site but if the image is very compelling other people will use it and they’ll grab it off your site and it I can get thousands of visitors to my site just

from using this technique all right writer downer number three add a viral video here’s the awesome part you don’t have to recreate the wheel you don’t even have to create the video yourself all you have to know how to do is how to

embed it off google so add a video to your article for example like this you can reach people all over the world now how you do it you don’t have to recreate the wheel in fact I recommend you find something that you like and just embed

it in your post so you’re taking an audience’s viewpoint rather than a creator viewpoint if you’re if you take the audience’s viewpoint and you look for something that’s really good it tip they typically feel the same way right

so for example we are writing about electric cars we found a very professional comparison from car and driver’s channel on YouTube and we just embed it in the article we are doing writer downer number four test your text

the more text you have the better so search engines typically if you think about it the only way they can find your content is by the words on your page and every word on your page is actually another opportunity for them to be for

you to be found in search engines so also every variation of each phrase in your article is another way to be found so the more words you add the better for search engines so but the other thing that I found in part important if you’re

doing ads and you’re doing articles and whatnot test your text you want to see which text is more compelling which you want your text to be very compelling and you want people to scroll all the way down if they’re reading a long piece of

text now there was a survey done of all of the top pages on the internet and the typical count for you know all the top searches on the internet the top ranking sites had over 2,000 words per page that’s why Amazon you know increased

tons of words on their pages everybody as has been typically trying to add more and more content to each page um build it and they will come as false here’s the truth outflow equals inflow so in other words the more you reach out

the more people you’ll get in the more you promote on social networks the more you tell friends and others about it all it takes out flow in order to get in flow the other truthful fact is that really all traffic is paid traffic so

all all traffic can really be drilled down to time how much time did it take to create that traffic how much time to take for you to write that article and if you figure out it took me you know an hour well how much do you get paid per

hour and if you can break it down to time you can break down to a dollar value and then you can say well that costed me fifty dollars for that long article i wrote worth of time and that equals fifty dollars to get thousands of

traffic in now organic traffic obviously is a very high rate of return so like I said I’ve worked with Madison Avenue marketing agencies with clients like Cadillac Kaiser AT&T etc and it kind of dawned on me that really all traffic is

paid traffic all traffic requires some kind of commitment or payment so once you swallow that pill it makes it very easy you know if you’re paying for very highly targeted traffic the type that will buy your service then it’s worth it

you know so the whole trick is how do you put a dollar towards your advertising and make two dollars back that’s the whole trick and it’s not easy so I’ve taken sites from scratch from brand spanking new to 30,000 visits per

month and once you’re hitting that level of traffic you can get a lot more inflow from people right all right writer downer number 5 add a free download to your article or your ad to increase conversions 78% just like I’m doing in

this presentation i’m giving you the top 100 headlines of all time to download you should give your readers something really valuable just like that and that’s going to really increase the value of your

product to them okay so here’s a bonus writer downer number six this doesn’t only work all these steps you know one through five of how to get seventy eight percent more traffic to your blog your articles your ads and everything it

doesn’t only work on blogs articles and press releases it works on ads to and specifically this is working really well on facebook I’ve tested this you know multiple ways and it works amazingly well almost every time in all types of

advertising all right so this works amazingly well on facebook in this example i’m showing you on the left-hand side a ad i saw from offer pop planning your digital marketing strategy for 2015 here’s how to get ahead on top trends

get my free report now the scoop from 100-plus marketing professionals on how to reach more social and mobile customers collect insights and measure roi okay and on the right hand side you see something from jeff Walker’s product

launch formula here are you hoping your product launch or business will do well or do you want to be sure it’s going to rock I’ve got a free video training series here that will show you how to create a lunch that gives huge sales and

momentum and avoid the mistakes that kill most launches before they even start discover the secrets of the no failed launch get this free training series now they’re both advertising downloads they both have text they both

have a catchy image and they both have videos from what I can tell or at least the one on the right does it’s going to go to free video training series right so this works amazingly well I want you to try it do these five things and let

me know how it goes so let’s do a summary you know this particular site i was working on i took up to 30,000 visits per month in under three months and this is the training that i gave to their staff that they implemented so i

hope you enjoy it like I said PR newswire showed that on a case study of their thousands and thousands of press releases that one adding a photo especially catchy photo or image increases the views of the release by

fourteen percent adding a video gives you a twenty eight percent increase in views make that an image and a video and you’ll get a four % boost in views so go all the way and put a photo a video a graphic and a

download and you’ll see a seventy-eight percent jump in the number of views so here you can see on the left-hand side a graphic example which shows the difference you know you just have text you get twenty four percent views you

have text in an image you get a 20-percent jump you add text and image and a graphic you get a forty-eight percent jump and you go all the way put an image text a download and a graphic and you’ll see a seventy-eight percent

jump in the number of views awesome huh so what questions do you have I’d love to hear your feedback you can reach me at any time info @ world-class media I get thousands of emails so bear with me I’m doing training on how to get more

traffic and what not you can sign up by clicking the link below and find out more information about world-class media I definitely appreciate hearing your feedback thank you for watching and click on the link

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